The Adult Webcomic where Women Wearing Boots fuckin' Rule!

Bootopia - The Adult Webcomic where Women Who Wear Boots F*ckin' Rule!

So. You filthy little boot pervert. It looks like you stumbled into Planet Bootopia, the adult webcomic and fantasy site for boot fetishists like ourselves.

Adult site. Yup. Get it? Sexual themes. Naughty pictures. Wank/Diddle material. If you're not cool with that, be gone.

We'd like to welcome everybody to this site, but there are few people who are not welcome here:

A now for a moment of legal disclaimer. (drum roll, please...) This web site portrays fictional characters in sexual and/or satirical situations, and any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental, or for the express purpose of satire, as permitted by the Constitution of the good ole USA (and other "civilized" nations) and relevant case law. Neener neener.

Note to parents: The rest of this site uses adult content ratings, so it will be blocked by NetNanny and other porn blocking software. You're welcome.

By kissing (clicking) the boot below, you agree that (A) you are over 18 years of age, (B) sexually themed websites are legal in your jurisdiction, (C) you are not a loudmouth feminist who gets easily offended, and (D) you have never issued a "fatwa" and have no intention to do so.